Justina Beck
Justina has taken the saying “YOLO” seriously. Fresh out of high school (and being in the 90’s), she had a true love for music. Without talent for performance, she sought out the next best thing and studied recording engineering. She became a member of the Recording Engineers Association which at the time was on the cusp of switching from reel to reel to modern
computerized technology!
Shortly after, she was inspired by a friend, to dedicate her heart and compassion for animals and returned back to college to become a New York State Licensed Veterinary Technician. And for the next fifteen years, her path had aligned to become the only Veterinary Technician, nurse and caregiver to thousands and thousands of stray and abandoned animals at a local municipal animal shelter!
With a craving for even more meaning to her life, she spent a year of night school to study and become a Certified Reiki Master. Her world expanded as she found she could incorporate her holistic healing and crystal energy healing. She found herself reading every book on the subject to learn more about crystals. She soon acquired a massive collection of gemstones and crystals to include in her healing energies.
So what is she doing opening an antique store? What wasn’t disclosed above was that during all of her academic achievements, she spent nearly every weekend yard sailing, flea market hoping and making stops at all the antique store she could find. She would drive around on garbage day and fill up her pick up truck with furniture pieces to restore. She loves getting a bargain and loves to re-purpose and re-cycle old treasures. She has remodeled her cabin and homes using her rescued treasure finds, all on a budget and all during her free time. Over the years her passion for antiques led to her planning her vacations around her favorite auctions in
New England. She was even featured on the TV show “Oddities” for one of her treasured auction purchases. With her success, and her love of the hunt, she opened her own e-bay store and started her own home based business!
Today Justina has taken a huge step into the future and partnered with Sabbath to make her hobby into a a real dream come true…to open up a storefront. “It’s always been my dream, that when I retire, I would open my own antique store…All along the universe has been whispering, then it started shouting..WHY WAIT?” – Justina Beck! !
Sabbath Troisi
Antique Attics Owner Sabbath shares a deep passion of antiques, vintage and collectibles. For him it all began when he was just a toddler. To bring extra cash to the family his parents were frequent dealers at antique and trade shows. Trotting around in their converted Suburban school bus they would come home after a weekend of garage sales with a packed truck. The weekends spent with the family at various antique shows around the tristate left a strong impression with Sabbath.The people he met, the interesting items that came and went and the places he saw all touched him. As soon as he was able to Sabbath started selling his found treasures in local newspapers. He always knew that he wanted to open his own place for people to enjoy.
Sabbath left his passion of antiques on the table and became a Real Estate Appraiser, Loan Officer and eventually a Mortgage Underwriter. Saving up for his own place was his number one goal. After the mortgage crash and following company closures Sabbath decided to go back to his true passion…..Antiques.
Justina and Sabbath met while they were dealers at a very successful antique/thrift store where they later became managers of. After a great run they both wanted to combine their love for the business by deciding to bite-the-bullet and open their own place.
Enter the origin of “Antique Attics.”
To Sabbath Antique Attics is not only a source of income, it is a place to meet amazing people who he truly feels are his extended family. “Going to “Antique Attics” is never a drag like any other job” Sabbath says. “I love going into the store because every day is different. I get to meet new people and see our regular customers every day. These people fuel my passion and make the days enjoyable. On top of that the treasures that people bring in to sell everyday ads to the excitement. Hearing the unique stories of each item and the history behind them is why I’m in this business. We don’t just sell merchandise here, we sell history, love and relationships.